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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Laminator + Plan of Salvation FHE

Did you know that Costco sells a LAMINATOR?? My mom bought me one as a Mother's day present. This thing is pretty awesome! It's by a brand called Purple Cows.

With small children (and working with children at church), this should come in handy! The refills are found at Hobby Lobby, so it'll be really convenient.

I wanted to make a fun Family Home Evening lesson for my family and I found this awesome Plan of Salvation print out HERE. I printed it out and colored it.

Then I ran that through my new snazzy laminator. It's fun watching it go through! (I'm easily entertained).

After I cut them out I have a nice, sturdy visual for my lesson! It makes me happy. The laminator is only $20 at Costco, which is a pretty awesome deal!

Look how nice my Plan of Salvation turned out:

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  1. wow! wish I lived near a costco! we need a laminator! those are perfect! love reading your blog!

  2. I have to have a laminator now lol, love this, thanks for sharing-

    (p.s. I have a plan of salvation a missionary made me years ago for primary I've had in a sheet protecter this is perfect)

  3. Your mom is awesome! It's kinda really pretty, too! And 20$?! Will ask my parents to check out their Costco for it, but it's probably more expensive here in Canada, if we even have the same stock. I've been looking at laminators for months! Enjoy your new crafty tool! :)

  4. Oh, that is fantastic!! So much better {and faster} than the contact paper I use! We don't have Costco here in the south, I'll have to ask my mom if she has seen them. Great FHE idea too, BTW. Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

  5. did yours turn out blurry??? I can't get the printout to print clear


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