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Monday, August 30, 2010

Quilt and MIA-ness

Sorry I've been incommunicado for soooo long. I've been traveling A LOT.

In Washington, I wanted to make THIS quilt, which I did, kind of.

But I decided to nix the ruffles. It looked so good on my sofa that I decided the ruffles weren't as necessary as I once thought.

We love it! It's perfect to snuggle up with, especially since I put wonderful Minky fabric on the back.

(And I found that Minky fabric for $7 a yard! Score!)

I got to use my mom's machine to top quilt and I wasn't as bad at it as I thought I was going to be:

Minky back:

Check out my mitered corners! My mom totally had to save me once, but I did a lot of it:

I loved how all the browns and pinks looked together. And how the top stitching turned out.

This is how it looks on the sofa. I made it bigger than the pattern, so it's nice to snuggle with.