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Monday, October 31, 2011

Glitter-tastic Mini Pumpkins

We're almost done with Halloween! We're actually going trick-or-treating tonight, which we haven't done in for.ever. 

Anyway, we bought pumpkins a little while ago and we bought 3 little pumpkins and they have been sitting on my table staring at me, wishing to look more fabulous than they were lookin'. So I caved.

And glitterfied them.

Glitter-tastic Mini Pumpkins

Not pictured: Some Q-tips. And the tape was only used for the stripey pumpkin.

Pumpkin #1: I bought the glitter for this from the dollar store.

Pumpkin #2

And Pumpkin #3

Happy Halloween!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Larrrry Boy!

Have you ever heard of Veggie Tales? Don't feel bad if you haven't, it's not super popular. However, in our house, Larry Boy is king. Larry Boy is a super hero from Veggie Tales. And he's a cucumber. And Luke absolutely loves him. 

So naturally, that's what he wanted to be for Halloween. And I wasn't about to spend $40 on a costume. So I needed to get my kid to look like this without breaking the bank:

The plungers were going to be a challenge. Well, basically the whole hat-thing in general. I made the outfit (minus the hat) in one afternoon. I fretted about what to do for his head for a couple of days. We bought two mini plungers at Lowe's but they're still pretty heavy and I didn't know how I could get them to stay up.

So I admit it. I caved and bought one. For $10. It was so worth it. Here's the end result:

Aren't my children so sweet?
We were at a Trunk or Treat on Saturday night and if my hubby had just lifted the camera up a little, he could have shown off the whole trunk. I had an orange and black banner with bats hanging from it. It was pretty cute. As you can see, I also incorporated polka dots and, of course, the lovely cobwebs.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{inspiration} Boy and Girl Rooms

My son and daughter are 2 years apart. I have a feeling they'll be sharing a room in the near future. Right now my son is 2 1/2 and my daughter is 7 months, so she sleeps in our room (we live in an apartment...lack of space).  I wish she could have her own room right now, but what can ya do?

I decided to start dreaming of putting them in a room together. I found some inspiration on Pinterest for a (someday) combined room.

Combined Rooms:



And, if they happen to get their own bedrooms...
{For Luke}


                                                                        {For Gracie}

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Pink Polka Dot Drawstring Wet Bag

Phew, what a name! It's a mouthful. I've been wanting to make a wet bag for a while. Why? Because every time I have to change my daughter's cloth diaper & we're not home...the dirty diaper goes into my purse. My PURSE. Gross. That's where my wallet and cell phone and important papers go. I'm grossing myself out.

So I finally did something about it.

I used a tutorial I found on Pinterest here. Instead of lining the bag with muslin or lightweight fabric, I used PUL. You can find that at JoAnn's. It's waterproof, so anything leaking from your bag will stay in the bag. Just remember to wipe it out/wash the bag. Frequently.

I used Bliss by Moda fabric for the main body and some light pink satin for the edging. I really like how sweet looking it looks.
Here's a shot of the blue PUL that I used. There's a lot of cute PUL out there, but I already had this from making a cloth diaper for Luke (hence the blue).
I added a pocket. The original pattern didn't have one, but I thought it would be handy to have. It's big enough to fit at least 2 onesies if not 3. I'm glad I thought to add one.
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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Christmas Quilt

I bought Christmas fabric quite a while ago. I went to a super cute fabric store called Cabbage Rose, which is in Fort Worth, TX with a dear friend and we both purchased some fabric. I don't know if she's made anything, but it's taken me a while.

Anyway... I finally got to it. I'm still trying to get the hang of quilting and there are several things I would do differently about this quilt, but all in all, I'm happy with it. It gives off the Christmas feel. And I'm SORRY to show Christmas crafts already, but you'll have to deal with it! I love Christmas! Halloween....not so much. So, here's The Christmas Quilt!

I don't know if you can tell, but there are squares that have the 12 Days of Christmas printed on them. However...I accidentally cut them in half. Oops. I told you I was getting the hang of quilting.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Milk & Cookies Baby Shower

My friends Christal and Becca and I recently threw a baby shower for our lovely, pregnant friend Ashley. Becca and I were inspired by all the amazing ideas we were seeing on Pinterest. We really liked the "Milk & Cookies" theme.

We used Christal's gorgeous home and set it all up. I think it turned out really well, especially since it was our first time throwing such a cute-sey baby shower!

This was the main table. We had all different kinds of cookies and made sure most of them had a glass jar to occupy. We also had sugar cookies and fruit kabobs on a platter.

Table with the beauteous pom poms. 

Close up on the cookies (isn't Becca's handwriting adorable?)

I LOVED the Mason jars. Christal provided those for the glasses and Becca bought the straws. The guests could either have plain milk or chocolate milk. I made the crepe rosette wreath. I had a little tutorial on it, but the pictures are currently on my dead camera :(

Close up on the tasty fruit kabobs

Ashley opening her gifts. If you notice on the mantle, I hung pictures up of her from each month of her pregnancy and numbered each month.

And here's the Dream Team! From left: Christal, me, Ashley, and Becca. All photos provided here were taken by Ashley, who happens to be an amazing photographer.
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