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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mickey and Minnie Birthday Party

Wow, it has been a looong time! 

So sorry for the absence! My mom was here for 3 wonderful weeks and right after that we moved... and it has been crazy! But I wanted to share the details from my kids' Mickey and Minnie birthday party. They had a blast!

My little cutie pies! My mom made the Mickey shirt on her embroidery machine and I made the Minnie dress.

The set-up:

It was SUPER windy that day. I would've complained more but the weeks leading up to the party and the weeks after the party were all crazy cold. The day of the party it was in the 70s. I'll take windy and warm over chilly any day!

1. I had one table as a "craft table." There were little baskets with foam Mickey/Minnie heads and face foam stickers to decorate. The littlest littles weren't that interested but there were a couple kids who loved the activity.

2. I made these adorable little gumball machines after seeing something similar on Pinterest. Not very practical and I have NO idea what I'll do with them now, but I thought they were so cute!

3. The kids' table! I found the Mickey fabric at Hobby Lobby and knew it would make the perfect table runner.

I decorated some cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby to look like Mickey & Minnie. It was so windy they wouldn't stay standing up, so my mom piled rocks around the bottoms to keep them upright.

1. Mickey & Minnie cupcakes. I used regular and mini-sized Oreos to create the Mickey heads and for the Minnie effect, I just piped on a red bow.

2. Sugar cookies! Yum.

3. Pigs in a blanket. If you've ever seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney channel, they sing a Hot Dog song. I had to incorporate hot dogs somehow!

I made a bean bag toss with a presentation board you can buy at Target or Wal-Mart. I used an X-acto knife to cut out the Mickey head shapes and made bean bags out of felt and dry beans. They had fun chucking those bean bags!

My wonderful, awesome husband made a backdrop for a little photo booth. He created the Disney castle with scrapbook paper. It looks like all one piece but the castle is made of little pieces of paper. He's so creative!

We had so much fun celebrating my little ones' birthdays! They sure have some wonderful friends!

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