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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Destination: Cutsey Monday (#17)


Ready to PAR-TAY??

So, as I'm typing, I JUST finished my project for the One Crafty Contest at One Artsy Mama. Annnnd it's due at 8 in the morning. Yikes! I'm going to have to wake up early to take pictures and edit them and send them! I promise I didn't wait until the last minute. I made something completely different and it totally didn't work. So I had to start over.

Annnnyway, because of all the craziness, I'll be featuring projects from last week's party on Tuesday. Sound good?

Show me what you've been up to!!


  1. Thanks for hosting! Can't wait to see your stuff for the contest!


  2. Excited to see your project--I'll bet it turned out great. Good luck to us both, right?!

    1. Yes, Steph, good luck!! I know you'll go far!!

  3. Thanks for hosting! Found you through the Blog Hop!

  4. Thanks for hosting, Kathryn! And good luck in the One Artsy Contest! Going over now to see the entries.


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