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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Luke's Pirate Birthday Party

My son is OBSESSED with pirates! I knew exactly what his party theme was going to be this year. 

The walkway up to the front a little map!

Once they got in there was a pirate banner (from Target) and a pirate flag (made by me).

The first thing they grabbed when they came in was a pirate map. I made the map an outline of the activities of the party. So before we started something, I would tell them "Check them map! What's next?" They seemed to like going and grabbing their maps to see where they were going next.

First on the map...Dress like a pirate! They each got a bandana for their heads, an eye patch, a spyglass, and a sword. Plus a bag to store their loot.

Next up: Breakfast! Each kid got a pirate pancake face plus milk or chocolate milk.

Next on the map: Gather coconuts! This turned into pop the coconuts (since they were just balloons) and then my husband started blasting them in the faces with the balloon air. The kids thought this was hilarious!

Next on the map: Walk the plank! The kids loved this! They kept getting in line to walk it over and over again. 

Next on the map was firing cannons at each other, which were just black balloons. I didn't get a picture of this but they threw balloons until they got bored and then started stomping on the balloons. 

Next on the map: Cake and presents! I got the idea for the cake from HERE. I made a smaller and not so fancy version. But I liked that there were cupcakes instead of a cake to slice up for the kids.

Then they fought "Captain Hook" for the treasure! Captain Hook finally admitted defeat and gave up the treasure box, filled with chocolate candy bars and coins, necklaces, Ring Pops, and all sorts of goodies! The kids filled their bags up with yummy treats.

And that was it! Then they played until their parents came to get them! I think they had lots of fun!

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