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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Boy Scripture Case

I recently made a scripture case for a boy in my ward that was getting baptized. It was hard to think of how to make a bag for a 9-year-old. I didn't want to make it look like a purse. Here's what I came up with:

  And here's how to make your own!

Cut out your pieces.
I used 9x10 inch pieces of fabric- 2 pieces for the outer fabric and 2 pieces for the inside fabric. You may need to adjust if your scriptures are smaller/bigger. I cut 2-10 inch pieces for the handles. For the decorative band on the front, I cut a 3 inch by 11 inch of fabric. I also decided that I only wanted a stripe on the front, so I didn't use both pieces that I took a picture of.

What you'll do is make each side and then sew the two sides together to make the bag. For each side sew the right sides together along the top and sides. Remember to sandwich the handles to the top of each side.

On the front panel, if you decide to do a decorative stripe, remember to sew that on before you sew those 2 sides together. Just iron down the long sides twice (about 1/4 inch each time) and pin them to your panel and sew it!

Once you've sewn each side and turned them right side out, then sandwich them together with the right sides touching and sew the three sides together.

5. I had the raw edge on the bottom of the bag, so I cut them with pinking shears to reduce fraying.

Turn right side out and you have yourself a Boy Scripture Case!

I think the things to remember for a boy scripture case are:
1. Don't make long handles. It makes it seem more purse-like. 
2. Use neutral or boyish colors and fabrics. 
3. Don't make it too big. Boys are all about simplifying the things they have to carry.

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