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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sweet Tutus

Today my friend Emily came over to teach me and another friend Jessica how to make tutus. We're all three expecting baby girls this, huh?!

I've made a tutu before, but I made it all up as I went. Then I saw a tutu Emily had made and it looked awesome! (Way better than mine!)

So, she instructed Jessica and I and I think they turned out precious. They look like they're for dolls, not a real person. I keep forgetting how little babies come out!

Jessica cutting her tulle (spools are better than buying by the yard, just FYI)

Emily tying the tulle on the elastic (use 1 inch wide elastic)

Aren't they cute? I'm so excited to put it on my little girl!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ahhh, New Fabric

Don't you just love bundles of fabric? I know I do. It represents a new project just waiting to be made.

I bought these fabrics to make one of my oldest friends a little somethin'. I'll tell you all about her later.

Hobby Lobby, I heart you.

Oh, also, my friend Brooke is having a giveaway over at

You could win a custom made background plus some other awesome blog elements. Sweet!! Go check it out!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New TV Stand?

Well, we DO need a new TV stand.


Have you ever looked for TV stands for flat screens? There are some pretty ugly ones out there, let me tell ya. But I found some ultra classy ones at

First off, though, let me show you some reasons why we would need a new TV stand.

Reason #1: Right now, our stand is on what's supposed to be a bench. Which makes it super low. Which makes it very interesting to short people. Not only are there are a million fingerprints on it, the screen has gotten some blows from numerous toys. Ouch.

Reason #2: The TV stand becomes Luke's unofficial table. Because he LOVES to eat and watch TV at the same time (who doesn't?). And, it also becomes storage (can you see the cars behind the TV?). P.S. WOW, I need to dust.

Reason #3: The baskets under the TV are nice, but Luke thinks they're there for him to dump. And their filled with DVDs. So no, Luke, I didn't put those nice DVD-filled baskets under the TV for you. Nice try.

And here are two of my dream stands from

Ahhh, to dream!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Car Seat Canopy

I FINALLY finished the car seat canopy for little missy's car seat! I think I feel like it took so long because I was so tired and lazy from this pregnancy that I'd do just a little at a time. But now the car seat is all ready for a little girly! Let me know what ya think!

(Don't remember how the car seat looks? Just check it out here.)