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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guest Post: Aimee from It's Overflowing

I can't even tell you how excited I am to have Aimee here from It's Overflowing! She's one of my sweet bloggy friends, even though her blog is way awesomer than mine! 

She's here to talk about her wonderful blog and to share some helpful tips for smaller blogs. Enjoy!

I am SUPER excited to be posting at Destination: Craft!  Kathryn always links up the BEST projects at my weekly party and has a beautiful blog....its a TOTAL blast that she invited me to share on her blog!!!  I'm Aimee Lane and I blog at It's Overflowing:  endless DIYs and loving every moment!
I'm mommy to three Sweet B's and married to my Best Friend ~ a creative photographer and studly handyman!  Together we're DIYing our 1950s original ranch-style home in Fort Worth, Texas.  Life is full of designing, decorating, power tools, photography, home schooling, crafting, cooking, baking, organizing and shopping for deals! We're striving to keep things simple so we continue LOVING every moment! 

Growing up, I was one of four girls.  I was totally destined to love all things that involve girly fun!  I love style and fashion, fancy parties and inspiring home decor.  I love flipping through magazines and shopping with the girls.  From an early age I've been rearranging furniture and changing up wall displays {you would die if you saw all the holes in my room growing up - since then I've learned of Spackle and it's practically my best friend}!  

As girly girl as I am, I absolutely love getting my hands messy with home projects!  In every project we do, I'm my hubby's right hand guy gal! Recently, my favorite projects involve updating our 1950s house.  It smelled musty and was pink from the floor all the way up to the ceiling when we signed on the line.  Ugh!  At several points along the way we've both had moments that we wondered what we were thinking, but at the completion of each project, there's such a rush of adrenaline, it keeps us motivated for more!  Most recently, we've been busting it in the kitchen.  We've added...flooring, appliances, trim, paint and accessories.  It has gone from total drag to total chic!!!  Cooking is definitely so much more fun now! 

I think blogging is the best thing EVER!  It's the perfect outlet for stay at home moms to keep creative juices flowing.  I love that through blogging I've gotten to know other bloggers that otherwise I may have never met and I can't even imagine life without these friendships!  Recently, I've opened my blog up to advertising, more than anything to help offset the price of crafty and decorating...we all know even when we're shopping for the steals and's not cheap.  
I've decided Social Spark is my FAVORITE blog advertising company from what I've used so far.  They are AWESOME to work with, they come up with great leads and as "publisher" I get to put my own flair into my work.  LOVE it!  In fact, I think if I ever need to work full-time, I'll go into advertising...what can I say...writing posts about products I find interesting doesn't seem like work.  If you have any questions at all about my experiences with advertising, definitely let me know, I love helping my bloggy friends!!!  If you're new to blogging, you'll probably be surprised to find tons of helpful bloggers...what can I say!?!?  Bloggers are social little creatures, right!!!  
In the months to come, I plan to continue with lots of DIY projects, tons of recipes, and my simple bloggy photography course.  I also have a few series I'm working of them on the topic of homeschooling.  I get tons of questions about our experiences, but haven't taken the time to discuss it so I'm real excited to chit chat about that a bit...not like constantly, but maybe over the course of a few days! 

Thanks so much Kathryn for inviting me to guest post on your blog!  I definitely feel like building friendships and letting natural growth takes it's course will allow a blog to become exactly what it's intended to become...whatever that maybe {my blog included}!!!  I love hearing what other bloggers' goals and dreams are for their blogs so if you have a second, definitely leave a comment below with your ideas!!!  I'd love to brainstorm your ideas...totally inspiring for myself and other bloggers!!!  Oh, and I'd LOVE to have you over for a visit at my blog, too!!!  You can find me with new posts at least once every single day at


  1. Wow! That was a power packed post. Aimee has so much energy and puts it into great posts with lots of great tips, ideas and pretty home decor! Look forward to seeing whatever you come up with next.


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