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Sunday, March 4, 2012

BIG News!!

I think I'm crazy.

Remember how I'm in Creative Bloggers Got Talent? Well...I made it to Round 3! Woohoo!! I'm so excited! 

These pretty pillows are what I made for Round 2:

Thank you to all of you who voted! The next round is coming up next week, so keep a look out for it.

So, why am I crazy, you might ask? Oh, maybe because I was accepted into the American Crafters competition and I accepted! Hello? TWO craft competitions at the same time?! What am I thinking?? I'll tell you what I was thinking: AWESOME PRIZES. 

So wish me luck! We'll see how it goes. Creative Bloggers Got Talent is anonymous, so I can't tell you what my project is until after the voting is closed. However, for American Crafters, I can tell you what it is and you can go vote for me!

Come back tonight for the Destination: Cutesy Monday link party!

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  1. I saw that pillow and my first thought was, "that looks like Kathryn". I totally voted for you. One, because I thought it was yours, and two, because I love it. Congratulations!

  2. congrats and yup you are crazy haha, but it'll be fun

  3. Hi, I just linked up on your link party and started following you! I am Susannah's sister-in-law so I love the giveaway ;) These pillows are adorable! I really want to make one like it. I would love for you to share them on my link party and start following me too! :)

  4. These pillows are fantastic!! I need to make some new pillows for the bedroom and I think these just might be it! I would LOVE for you to share them at my link party and if you like what you see follow back! Following you VIA LINKY...I am so glad I found You!

  5. Love this project! You have so many awesome creations and just wanted you to know I gave you the Liebster Blog Award on my blog today. Thanks for being inspiring!

    1. Thank you so much for the award! That's so nice of you!

  6. Sorry you didn't make it to round 2 in American Crafter! When the projects posted I was blown away by all the talent and creativity. I found your lovely blog though and that's a great prize. I'm now following so I don't miss a single thing.

    Have a great week!



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