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Friday, January 6, 2012

Felt Valentine Magnets

Valentine's Day!

What a romantic holiday. And I have about zero...count them...0...decorations for it. 

It's about time I changed that. Today I started with some SUPER simple but cute magnets

I pulled out my felt and cut some hearts out. I did it using a very sophisticated method:

Ha! Sophisticated. I just fold and cut, like a kindergartener. But hey, it works. Then I just made stuff up! I grabbed some nearby lace for some embellishment and for the next 5-10 mins just played around with my hearts. Here are the 3 I came up with:

I love heart 3. It's wonky and fun. Oh, and just in case you were unsure of how to accomplish heart 1, I took a picture for you.

Looks a little disturbing. All those pins in a heart. You just sandwich some lace in between two of your hearts (preferably the same size). Anyway, once you have them all sewn and cute, all you need are some magnets! I got mine from Hobby Lobby (I think) and they have an already sticky back but you'll need to hot glue that puppy on the felt. That way the magnet for sure won't fall off.

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  1. Agreed, heart three is my favorite. They are all cute, but there's something just so fun about coloring outside of the lines sometimes and getting a little bit wonky.

  2. Cute! I'll have to make some with my kids. They love anything magnetic!

  3. These are just too cute! I really like the stitching on Heart 3. I am a new FB fan visiting from Show and Tell Saturday. Vicky from Mess For Less

  4. Is it already time for Valentines Day? These are cute and add a great touch!

  5. Simple and adorable. I may have to this with my little crafter! Would you share them here?


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