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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY Envelopes

Do you guys just love the new look? I know I do!!

Brooke from Babbling Brooke Designs made my blog look SO beautiful! I highly recommend her if you're thinking of giving your blog a facelift. She's sooo nice and quick to respond to your questions/concerns. Go stop by and look at her portfolio!

Well, with my son's birthday approaching, I decided I needed to give out his invites, like, NOW! I made super fun invitations but I didn't have an envelope for them.

So, of course, I took matters into my own hands. 

And I'm happy with the outcome!

Let me run you through a quick tutorial. They're super easy to make!

You need a template. Trace whatever you're going to be putting inside the envelope. You'll then need to draw four flaps around that traced object. Make sure you leave a little room around the traced object so it'll fit once you put the envelope together. For the sides, one flap needs to be wider than the other, so that they will overlap.

Cut out your template and trace it onto your desired paper. (Isn't that invite so fun? I made it myself...with the hub's help!)

Cut out your envelope. Fold over all your flaps before gluing. 

Last step: Gluing. Glue along the edge of the wider flap. Smooth the smaller flap on top to adhere the two. Then glue the edge of the bottom flap and smooth that on top of the middle flaps.

And then you'll have a handmade envelope!

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  1. First of all, those invitations are so cute! I love them! :) I did a tutorial on making an envelope the other day. Its such a small thing to do, but when you're done and you're looking at your final product you're like DANG! I did good work! :) Great tutorial!

    -Jess @ That's Sew Crafty


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