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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Party Table (Christmas Party Decor: Part 2)

Our Christmas party was this last Saturday and it was really pretty fun! We sat by friends, ate from a pasta bar, and had a mini talent show. Luke was only interested in the dessert bar and Gracie stole a cookie from a friend's plate. Typical.

I was in charge of decorating a table. Here is how my table turned out:

I'm really pleased with how it turned out! There were candy canes by each napkin plus small candy rings around the centerpiece, so it was a very kid-friendly table. And as it turned out, a family with 4 little boys sat there! I was happy that I didn't have any candy to take home.

And it was all cheap. Or budget friendly. Cheap sounds bad. Remember that Christmas quilt? No? See more here

I think my favorite Dollar Store find were these bells. Nine for a dollar and soooo cute! 

The best part of the whole evening? Spending it with my favorite people. The hubs and baby girl were decked out in red (see more about the ruffle skirt here).

And my sweet little boy. 

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