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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Drawstring Gift Bag

Remember I told you I was guest posting on Seven Alive yesterday? Well, I wanted to post the tutorial I made for her.

It's a drawstring gift bag and I love it! (You know how there are some crafts that you like a lot more than others? Yeah...) These would be great to use for birthdays or anniversaries or...Christmas! Wouldn't your tree look so fab with homemade wrapping underneath?

These are seriously so easy to make. Let's get started!

Materials needed:
- fabric (amount dependent on how big your bag is going to be)
- ribbon
- safety pin
- sewing machine, matching thread, iron, etc

1. Cut out your fabric. Now this depends on how big of a bag you want to make. I cut mine out to be 13 x 11. Cut out as big or small as you need. Then IRON!

2. Place the pretty sides together and sew the bottom side together.

3. Iron the raw sides down (refer to picture) and then fold the long sides in 1/2 inch and then another 1/2 inch. Sew down.

4. Now this part is dependent on the width of the ribbon you'd like to use. (For up to 1 inch ribbon, use the directions I have. For anything wider, fold the top down bigger. ) Fold the two top ends in 1/2 inch and then another 1 inch. Sew down. You have to sew close to the edge so that you form a little tunnel. Do this to both sides.

5. Now you have to sew the sides together to form the bag. *WARNING* You cannot sew up the side allll the way. You have to stop sewing before you get to the top tunnels.

6. Ribbon time. You'll need two pieces of ribbon. They both need to be twice the length of the top of your bag plus 5-6 inches. For example, the top of my bag was 9 inches, so I cut my ribbon to 14 inches long. Attach the end of one of the ribbon strands to the safety pin. Thread through one side of one of the tunnels, using the safety pin as help. When you get to the end turn it around and go through the tunnel on the opposite side.

7. Now do the same with the other ribbon, but starting on the opposite side than the first ribbon.

8. Tie the ends of the ribbon together so that neither end can escape.

9. Pull both sides of ribbons simultaneously and TADA! You have a drawstring gift bag.

Thanks for dropping in!

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  1. Ah! This brings back so many memories for me! My grandma always wrapped our gifts in fabric bags! (Except I think we always had to return the bags to her for the following year...) Great tutorial!

  2. This is such an adorable gift bag. Love the fabric, so cute!

  3. I'll be featuring you tomorrow during Sticker Time. Stop by and feel free to button-up!

  4. I love that print and the bag turned out great!! I would love for you to come share this at our link
    Heidi @ {Junk in their Trunk}


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