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Monday, November 8, 2010

Cloth Diapers

It's been FOREVER since I posted!!

I have a husband around plus a toddler, so they keep me busy during the day.

My wonderful friend gave me a pattern for cloth diapers, so I made a couple for Luke to try out. I love them! I think we'll definitely use them for baby #2.

I think Luke is getting kind of too big for the biggest size in this pattern, so I'll have to just make some for the new baby. But they can help save us money, so I'm all for it!

Anybody have any cloth diaper stories?


  1. We just moved to cloth diapers for Isaac and love them! I made them myself as well. If you don't like velcro try KAMsnaps they are plastic snaps that are awesome! Also what are you doing for inserts? I have been trying to figure some out and this is what I found successful: a piece of Sham Wow in the center wrapped in two microfiber cleaning cloths (dollar store or joanns). Good luck! They are fabulous!

  2. Great job! What pattern did you use? We are using Bum Genius. Im too afraid to make them. I've heard you end up spending almost as much and just buying. I dont know a whole lot about making them but I've read about it here: Hope that helps!


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