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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You wish your mom was this cool...

Yeah that's right. My mom MADE this for me! She took my old car seat and recovered it in this adorable fabric (Bliss for Moda). We got a tutorial from Etsy, but really all it said was to cover up the preexisting parts, so it wasn't really worth the money. I helped, but my mom was definitely the brains and talent behind this operation.

Isn't it awesome??? I just pray that that ultrasound technician got it right...


  1. Agreed. That is awesome. So cute!

  2. Very cute! You'll have one happy baby girl. Or a baby boy who will learn to love pink!

  3. so adorable! Bliss is the perfect shade of pink!

  4. That's amazing! It looks so great. A friend asked me to recover her son's infant carseat since she's pregnant with a girl now... she ordered a pattern off etsy, and I helped her pick out the fabric... so hopefully it will turn out looking even half as good as yours!!! :)

  5. wow this cover is awesome!! can you still remove it to wash it?


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