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Friday, December 9, 2011

Dolllar Store Christmas Party Decor: Part 1

It's hard to justify spending tons of money on party decor this time of year because you're spending so much on gifts already. Well,  I signed up to decorate a table at my church's Christmas party a while ago & I got pretty excited about it. Originally I wanted to do teal & red, but after seeing all the treasures at the dollar store/bargain stores, I went in a little different direction.

We needed a centerpiece for the table. Well, I couldn't really just plop a centerpiece down, could I? It's Christmas...this table needs to be pretty! I needed table settings for 8 people.

I knew I needed to keep it cheap and simple. Almost everything I'm using came from the dollar store/bargain store or I already had it. 

Here's Part 1 of my "Dollar Store Christmas Party Decor"!

Look at these goodies! Plates, napkins, and cups I got from a store called Ollie's, which is a bargain store. The prices were $.99 (cups and small plates) & $1.60 (large plates).The photo holders came from the dollar store & I printed the printable (from here) from Wal-Mart for I think $.28 each.

The little jingle bells I got from the dollar store. You get 9 for a dollar. Such a good deal! I'm using them as napkin rings.

The glitter snowflake coasters are from the dollar store. There were 12 in a pack: 6 glittery and 6 plain. I got about 70 of those candy canes from Ollie's for $.99.

So far, so cheap! The party is tomorrow night, so I'll post more decor tomorrow. Happy party throwing!

Thanks for dropping by!

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