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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Easy Chevron Baby Quilt

One of my good friends is expecting a baby boy in just a couple of weeks and so I made her a baby quilt for when her little guy decides to make his appearance (she's pretty pumped to be done with this pregnancy!). 

She picked out the colors and the back fabric and she has good taste, because it turned out lovely! (If I do say so myself.)

So, to start I purchased:

- 1 yard white broadcloth
- 1 yard gray broadcloth
- 1 yard gray minky
- package of crib-sized batting 
(use a coupon or wait until they go on sale!)

I washed my fabrics, ironed them, and then cut the white and gray broadcloths into 6-inch squares (set the minky aside for now). I just used up all the fabric, I didn't count how many squares I made.

Then I cut those squares across so they formed triangles.

Then you need to sew one white triangle to a gray triangle to reform a square. Iron the back so they lay flat. Then lay them out on your floor to form the pattern, because trust me, it can get confusing!(Obviously in the picture below I hadn't ironed yet!)

Tip: Your squares will have a little bit of fabric that goes over the sides. I chopped those off so they would sew together a little better. See picture below.

Then sew the squares together to form rows. Then sew the rows together. Once I was done with that, I laid the quilt top on the batting to quilt it. 

Tip: I pin my quilt top to the batting to keep it in place. It helps the back stay in place so there's no tucking when you can't see the underside. It takes a little time but trust me, it's worth it!

I only quilted the white zig zags but you can also quilt the gray ones if you want. Then once it was all quilted I laid it down on the wrong side of the minky fabric. Depending on the width you want for the border, cut the minky respectively. I wanted a 2-inch border so I cut my minky 4 inches longer than the where the edge of the quilt is. Kind of confusing, sorry.

So above is the picture of the minky 4 inches wider all the way around the quilt. Then I folded the minky over once to line up with the quilt edge,

Then I folded it over once more to be on top of the quilt. That's your quilt border. It's just an alternative to bias tape.

But I wanted as much softness as possible, since it's a baby blanket, and a minky border just seemed the best option. Then I stitched up the border, sewing along the edge closest to the inside of the quilt. And then you're done! Not so hard, right?

I love how it turned out! And I think my friend liked it, too, which is what really matters.

Ahhh, sooo soft!!


  1. Amazing!!! You are so talented. The tutorial is great. And gray minky- who would have thought?! Loving it! And pinning it :)

  2. You are so talented. i am having twin boys and i would love for them to have one. but im not so much would you sell them for?

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  5. Awesome. Now That was easy. :) Thanks for sharing. Can you share one more tutorial to make something like this ?

  6. This is great! I'm currently following your steps to make my own, but I'm stuck on how to do the corners. Any helpful tips? I'm a total beginner...

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