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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fabulous Fall: Tissue Holder Tutorial

Day 3 of Fabulous Fall! Today I have an old friend showing us how to prepare for the flu season. Katie from Smile Like You Mean It is going to show us how to make a tissue holder...pretty essential when it comes to needing to wipe little runny noses. Okay Katie, take it away!

Hi! I’m Katie and I’m the girl behind the blog Smile Like You Mean It. I blog about a myriad of things, but lately I’m a fan of super easy crafts and this is definitely on that list!
With Autumn comes colder weather, and in my case, that means more runny noses! I like to keep tissues in my bag anyway, but I use them a lot more when it’s chilly!! This little holder is super cute and really easy, It holds a travel pack of Kleenex perfectly. AND, it is also a great little gift idea!
This tutorial is super easy! Especially if you use something like felt or fleece! I’m going to show you the easy felt way first and then give you a few tips if you want to use fabric instead.
1. First, cut out your pieces. You need a piece of felt that is about 7 inches long and 5 1/2 inches wideDSC_2498
2. Next, if you’d like to embellish your edges like I did in the finished picture, this is the time. On this one I sewed on a piece of ribbon along one edge. You could do ribbon on one edge,both edges, you could use ric-rac, or even just use pinking shears to give the edges a little something extra. Important: If you choose to add some ribbon, be sure to singe the edge where you cut it with a lighter so that it won’t fray!
3. Then fold the short edges to the center. Pin it to help keep it in place as you sew. You want the two edges that will create the opening to be as close as possible.
4. Sew the side edges
That’s it!! Take the tissues out of the plastic and stuff them inside your holder!
5. You can reinforce the opening if you are worried about it coming apart over time.DSC_2515
If you want to make one out of fabric, there a just a few adjustments you need to make and do differently.
First, you have to cut out your piece of fabric a bit bigger to allow for sewing finished seams. I added about an inch to each side making it about 8 x 6 1/2. It doesn’t have to be perfect, your tissues will still fit in your little holder if you make it smaller than it should be.
Fold the raw edge and then fold it again so the raw edge is inside. Sew the long edges first and then do the same for the short edges. When you are done sewing the finished piece should be pretty close to the original measurements of 7 x 5 1/2 inches. Something like this:DSC_2511
Then add embellishments to your short edges
Then just repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 above to finish it off!
If you have any questions, please email me at kdb.smilelikeyoumeanit {at}
Come on over to check out my free printables (that have been all over Pinterest lately!) and check out the other projects that I’m working on as I get myself and my house ready for baby boy #2! I will be kicking off a full week of handmade Christmas Ornament Tutorials on Monday (the 21st!) and I’d love for you to come join us!

Thank you so much, Katie! I love going to her blog to see her adventures with her son (she also has a son Luke!) and all the crafty things she makes. 

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