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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cork Board Make Over

I bought a cork board from Goodwill foooorever ago. I took the wooden frame off of it and covered it in fabric and crisscrossed ribbon across the front. However, I ran out of ribbon before I finished, so I stuck the cork board in the closet and forgot about it. 

Fast forward several months and I got the cork board out to take another look at it. The hubs loved the fabric on the cork board but it didn't match any of my spaces. So, it took off the fabric and started all over.

This is what I came up with

I used different sized scraps of scrapbook paper, made them 2 inches wide, and then punched the edges with a scalloped edge punch.

I also had some clothes pins laying around so I put matching paper on those and attached some twine so I could hang some things off the board.

Best thing about it... it cost me about $4. That's the amount of the clothes pins and cork board together. I love cheap things. Especially pretty cheap things.

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