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Monday, May 16, 2011

Pottery Barn-style Framed Chalkboard

My amazing friend Kellee is the guest crafter on my blog today! Shout out to Kel!

She made a super cute, Pottery Barn-style chalkboard with a very chic framed border.

Check out her pictures and what she said about her project:

This ugly frame had a mirror in it (in the following picture you can see it) but I knew it had potential. I found it at a garage sale for a $1 or $2. My new motto is that the uglier the frame the better it will look with spray paint. Very Ballard Design or Pottery Barn if you ask me.

This is the mirror that was in the frame

Finished and done! With a little white spray paint and some chalk board spray paint we have the cutest chalk board! My favorite spray paint brand is Krylon. It works on ANYTHING. The chalk board spray paint I got at Michaels and it is also Krylon. I have done tons of projects with just one can of the chalk board spray paint.

Thanks, Kellee! It looks awesome!

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