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Monday, January 24, 2011

Get comfy and grab a pillow!

How about one of these pillows? We bought a pinkish couch a while ago and it came with two of these pillows:

Yuck. No thanks. I covered them with a CUTE fabric my mom bought me from Cabbage Rose:

Ahhhh. Much better. Now I want to make one of those CUTE fabric flower pillows. But for now these pillows add a little flava flav to my couches. (P.S. I added a zipper in case Luke wipes nasty fingers on them or baby #2 decides to spit up on one of them. Just a tip.)

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  1. Oh so much cuter. I LOVE cabbage rose quilt shop we will have to go shopping and drool sometime. I really like seeing all the things you create.


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