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Friday, January 23, 2015

How to Maximize a Small Entryway

I decided to tackle an area in my rental in hopes to make the space cuter and more functional. It's hard living in a 1400-square space with 3 kids because it means space is limited. One area in the house that was driving me nuts because of the lack of storage was the entryway. The kids would come in, take their shoes and jackets off, leave them on the floor, and be on their merry way. UGH! I bought a wooden box for the shoes but then I was stuck for a while. Here's what it has looked like for quite some time:

Boring. And look at all those shoes! I went through the shoes and got rid of any out-of-season shoes and shoes that were too small. Then I found some numbered hooks at Kohl's for 70% off (score!) and I got some frames at Hobby Lobby. Their picture frames are always 50% off, which is awesome.

I love how it is now! Cuter and more functional! Now when the kids come in they can put their shoes in the right spot and hang their jackets up. And as a bonus I get to see a picture of their beautiful faces. 

I love the pictures of the kids in the little frames! My talented friend Ashley took those pictures and they are adorable. I was wanting to display them somewhere and this happened to be the perfect spot!

So to recap:

How to Maximize a Small Entryway:
1. Have a shoe box. Then clean that shoe box out at the start of every season.
2. Hang up coat hangers for jackets, bags, etc.
3. Keep your space clean! No one wants to walk into their house and the first thing they see is clutter.
4. Personalize it. It'll make it feel more like home when you have personalized touches.


  1. This is an issue for us too! Key...go through shoes often and have only in season outdoor shoes near the door. I am eye balling some "book cases" from Ikea! Love the pics! Ashley has skills! Good job, it!

    1. Thank you! I LOVE Ikea, they have so many storage solutions!

  2. Good work! I'm stuck on this at our house too. I don't have a cute little nook space like you do, that would be handy.

    1. Yeah, I would love a mudroom, maybe someday. You make one in your house and I can live through you for now!


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