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Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Cinderella Rocking Chair Story

Once upon a time I bought an ugly rocking chair from a consignment sale. It was only $25! How could I pass that up?!

It was beat up and unappreciated (probably) and the fabric was just...ick.

So I took it under my lil wing and decided to make it my own. I gave it a little makeover. Trust me, the rocking chair and I are much happier now because of it. And so is my husband. He hated that ol' fabric. I bought a pattern but I could have just used the old fabric and traced that.

I had a hard time finding just the right fabric. This chair is in one of the main parts of my house, so I wanted something cute but not flashy. I bought some fabric online but when I opened it the color was way brighter than I had anticipated. Fail.

Then I went to trusty ol' Joann's and found some warm, buttery yellow fabric that I loved. And I covered that chair. I covered it good.

Doesn't it look better? I also made a fun little pillow. You know, for back support. Or just to be cute. See how cute it is??


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