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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last Minute Cookie Gift

I'd like to introduce my newest contributor, Kellee!!

She's actually one of my best friends...ever. And we live far, far apart, which may be a good thing because if we lived closer we'd spend a lot of money on crafts. She has her own blog, called Twigs & S'mores. Go check it out!

She's an awesome baker and she's going to help me out and be my new food contributor! Sweeeet!!

I'll let Kellee take it away!

"Last Minute Gift Idea - Cookie Mix"

Happy Holidays ya'll! I hope that you have completely immersed yourself into the Holiday season and have really enjoyed all of the magic that this time of year brings.  

I made sure that this year I started decorating for Christmas even before Thanksgiving so that I could REALLY enjoy this time of year.  The reason why I did this is because it seems like Christmas comes and goes ridiculously fast! So for those of you who didn't start decorating before Thanksgiving and who need a last minute present idea, this simple and cheap project is for you.

First off, this project is all about deception.  People are going to think that you slaved away putting together a "homemade" cookie mix for them when in actuality, you are just giving them a pre-done mix from good 'ol Betty Crocker.  

Now some of you at this point may be turning up your nose at this project because it's not "homemade".  But hear me out! I have cooked with some of these mixes and they are awesome! I love to cook and bake and I find that these mixes are very close to "homemade" tasting.  

For my cute little cookie mixes I used her Gingerbread mix (oh my heavens does it smell and taste delightful!) but I only have a picture of the Pumpkin Spice because I accidentally deleted my Gingerbread picture. 

Any who, for this simple project I just plopped the cookie mix into an adorable red damask plastic bag from Michaels (I believe it was 24 for $1.99), wrote out a tag with the instructions and then tied a cookie cutter onto the bag with some tulle and raffia.  And viola! I have an easy and great present to give! 

Thanks, Kellee!! Awesome last-minute gift!!

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