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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Switzerland Cupcakes

I bet you all woke up thinking, I want some cupcakes that remind me of Switzerland. 

Right? :)

Last night my husband told me he needed a treat to take to his work party for today. And they needed to be Switzerland-ish. (It's an Olympic-themed party). 

A little short notice but I was up for the challenge.

So I immediately thought of Red Velvet cupcakes. Red! And with some white frosting, it would be perfect. It took me a while to figure out how to get that cross on there, but I finally thought of Twizzlers. Perfect. I just made one strip of licorice and then two smaller parts for the sides of the cross. I think they turned out pretty good.

So, you know, if you ever have to make Switzerland cupcakes, now you can!

Now, don't cheer for Switzerland in the Olympics. It's all about the USA!! :)
(And sorry for the lame pictures, but I had to take the pictures last night. The hubs took them with him this morning.)

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  1. Cute cupcakes. Red velvet sounds delicious. Random question: What do you use for your photo editing? Is it online or on your computer? I'm having trouble finding a good one.

    1. Hey Sheri! I use Photoshop but I've heard good things about PicMonkey. There's also Picasa that you download onto your computer. I'm pretty sure that's free.

  2. Hey Kathryn! Don't know if you remember Mark and I, but we were in the same ward in Utah. I'm so glad I found your fun blog! Hope everything's well with you guys.

    1. Hey Jenn! I totally remember you guys! I remember you had your sweet baby girl right before we left :) I'm so glad you found me!!

  3. Oh, so cute! The other day my husband had an Olympic themed party too. He came home from work, & I asked why he had 2 boxes of Zataran's Black Beans & Rice. He said I'm supposed to take something to work tomorrow that represents Mexico. LOL! I told him next time to tell me sooner so I can make something awesome...... like Switzerland cupcakes! Love, Bethany

  4. So cute and yummy! I am visiting your from Small Things With Love. I am passing on the "sunshine award" to you. You and your blog do bring sunshine to my life. Check out the details at my blog:

    All the best,

  5. hey kathryn! cute cupcakes! but the swiss flag is the other way around. red ground and a white cross..


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