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Monday, October 31, 2011

Glitter-tastic Mini Pumpkins

We're almost done with Halloween! We're actually going trick-or-treating tonight, which we haven't done in for.ever. 

Anyway, we bought pumpkins a little while ago and we bought 3 little pumpkins and they have been sitting on my table staring at me, wishing to look more fabulous than they were lookin'. So I caved.

And glitterfied them.

Glitter-tastic Mini Pumpkins

Not pictured: Some Q-tips. And the tape was only used for the stripey pumpkin.

Pumpkin #1: I bought the glitter for this from the dollar store.

Pumpkin #2

And Pumpkin #3

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Those came out great! Don't you just love dollar store glitter? Decorating mini pumpkins is such fun. I am a new follower from The Girl Creative. Vicky from Mess For Less


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