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Thursday, January 29, 2015

XOXO Garland

I  know it's not even February yet but once it is February, I have a birthday to be thinking about and won't be thinking a lot about Valentine's day. SO I decided I would spruce up my mantel now because if I don't do it now it wouldn't get done.

I made this garland and it was SO.EASY. Srsly. I cut out most of the XOs while watching TV (Fixer Upper anyone?) and the hearts were super quick. Then I just zipped them through the sewing machine and I was done! Easy, right?

(And really? Look at how disgusting my fireplace looks. I should really do something about that.)

I would like my mantel to be way cute but this is probably about the extent of it. HOWEVER....I got looking for some other cute Valentine mantels and HOLY cow! There are some adorable ones! If you need some ya go:

Linked here: Seven Alive, Serenity Now, Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons  


  1. Cute! Hailey told me just yesterday we need to put up out Valentine's Day decorations. Too bad we don't have any. This would be an easy and cute start she would appreciate!

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