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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bitty Ruffle Skirt

Barter: (v) to trade by exchange of commodities rather than by use of money 

Remember learning about bartering in grade school? I remember taking a toy to school and all the kids got to exchange toys. I remember thinking, "Why don't we do this all the time...but with everything?!" 


I know what you're thinking...What does this have to do with ANYTHING?

My friend just had a beautiful baby girl. She is also an amazing photographer. I really want to make my photos look more beautiful, so the other day I text her and asked if we could trade a ruffle skirt for her girl for photo editing skills. She was totally okay with it! I was so excited! Bartering!!

And so was born the Bitty Ruffle Skirt.

I LOVE this fabric. And no, there is no tutorial, but really...just go to Pinterest and type in ruffle skirt. They're really simple to make. Just time consuming. Or you can check out the 8 Ruffle Tutorials I posted about.

I wish I had one for my baby girl! And if my friend doesn't like the tulle on the bottom, she can easily just cut it off! No worries.


  1. This is so sweet! I'm hosting a favorite things linky party and would love it if you stop by and post something!

  2. Adorable! I love that it can be done with those scraps of fabric that I can't seem to part with!

    Found you on Ginger Snap Crafts
    Visiting from Well Rounded,

  3. Way cute! I love the tulle on the bottom.

  4. That skirt is super cute! I would love to make one for my niece. She would look so adorable!

  5. Hi Kathryn your skirt is ADORABLE!!!I wanted to let you know that I have started a link party with Terry from These Peas Taste funny and we would love to invite you to link anything up you would like. You are so very talented! BTW I LOVE the blog make over.

  6. This skirt is adorable!

    Mrs. Delightful recently posted: My Memories Giveaway

  7. This skirt is so adorable!! I would totally wear a matching one with my daughter!! :-)

  8. I love it! The colors are awesome together! Great job!
    You should join me for Handmade 52! -Katie

  9. Hi, I'm hopping from Link it up Thursday. I absolutely love the ruffled skirt. I hope you don't mind but I'm trying to get the word out...
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  10. So cute!! I love it!! Thanks for linking up! Just checking, did you see my Lisa Leonard giveaway yet?

    XO, Aimee

  11. Thanks so much for stoppin' by and sharing your skirt with us!! Hope we get to see more from you this week.:)

  12. Hey, just found you on Ginger Snap Crafts! I'm your newest Linky Follower!

    Sarah @ Crafting and Creativity

  13. I have a tutorial coming up for skirts like this and I used the SAME EXACT fabric! Creative Minds think alike! They are so fun and darling!!

  14. Kathryn... that skirt is AMAZING!!!!!

    Would you PLEASE link this up on my blog?


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