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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Organization = Better Decor

I decided to tackle organizing the built-in bookcase today.

And it makes the area look a TON better. Who knew...just organizing can make your house look so much cuter?

A few organization gems I realized today:

1. I really didn't need all the junk that was on my bookshelves. I redistributed some things and put some things in a Goodwill pile.

2. Less really is more. Some things just needed to come off to make it all look better.

3. Personal momentos really add a cute touch to a bookshelf. Like our Dublin, TX Dr. Pepper glass bottles. LOVE those.

4. If you haven't used it in over a year, toss it. I was talking about magazines. I can never give up books. I become attached.

Nasty, old bookcase:

New and improved:

Oh yeah, a little close up on those blocks:

Cute, eh? Oh how I wish I had a vinyl cutter!

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  1. i was actually admiring those blocks on sunday. they are very cute! and thanks for the kick in the pants to go through my messy bookcase (or whatever it is) - sheesh!!!


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